6 lovely female guinea pigs need home

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Post   » Mon Sep 07, 2020 8:31 pm

Reason for adoption:
Sadly I am moving away to college and both my sister and mom have developed severe allergies and are unable to take care of them.
I have a lovely mother daughter combo. They are the absolute sweetest piggies. They both have cowlicks and gorgeous coloring, they are both Americans. They came from a pretty bad home so they were overweight but are now very healthy just kept their cute pear shape.

Freija ( the daughter) is so incredibly sweet and one of the families favorite. She is incredibly cuddly and will sit with us for hours completely content to watch Tv with us.

Dodie (the mama) definitely has some diva in her. She has the most adorable round face I have ever seen. She is the leader of the group and definitely takes on her role as a mom to everyone. I would really prefer to keep these two together. The mom is four and the daughter is three and they are both very lively.

Next we have Noodle who my friend says is the prettiest of my girls. She is definitely a stunning pig. She is definitely the calmest of my girls and has the cutest voice. She is absolutely lovely to chill with. She is two years old and an American with cream and white coloring.

Next up is the wonderful Franky. She is a favorite amongst my friends because she has a big attitude. She has a lot to say and absolutely loves chin pets. She is super adorable and is an American pig but possibly a mix because her hair is a little longer and thicker than the rest of my girls. She has the prettiest coloring with different shades of brown and some white on her neck. She is going to be two in November.

Next is Lucy. There is so much I can say about her she is the best pig I’ve ever met. I absolutely don’t want to play favorites but she is just so special and I’m so torn about giving her up. She is not a huge fan of other piggies. She tolerates them but doesn’t really like to hang out with them. She much prefers hanging out with her humans. It is so adorable she will get upset if not given attention and will demand to be picked up. I love her so much. She is a very tiny pig for whatever reason but appears to be American. She is white with cute gray speckled spots on her face and butt. She is the same age as Franky.

Lastly we have Shark. She is a very funny pig and so much fun to hang out with. She has the most energy I have ever seen in a pig and it’s adorable. She is very willing to run around in circles for hours then crash in a small patch of sun she finds in my room. She is a very adorable girl with completely white fur and an Abyssinian. She just turned one.

All of my girls are so special and I want them to find the best home. I’m willing to make a drive just to get them a good home. The more that can stay together the better but I am willing to split them into groups of three . They are very spoiled and are used to free roaming my house so either that or a very large cage would be necessary. Small rehoming fee to make sure their new home is the best. I can provide lots of pictures when requested.

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Post   » Mon Sep 07, 2020 9:47 pm

I added a line of space between your paragraphs because I was having trouble reading your post.

If you have any pictures of them (hosted elsewhere - imgur is one host, for example) you could add their pics which would help a lot.

Good luck find good homes for them!

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