"Free to a good home" is never a good idea

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Make no mistake, they appreciated the extra donation.


Post   » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:20 pm

My mother considered getting another pig from Craigslist. Why? Shelters, even municipal ones, know more

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Post   » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:21 pm

When I adopted Sam and Dean from the Humane Society, I found out that they don't really have anyone on staff that knows how to properly take care of small animals, especially guinea pigs. The 3 vets on staff are't cavy savvy either. There's one caregiver who knows a little about rabbits, but not so much about cavys. She did the best she could and I could see that she cared about Dean and Sammy; bless her heart.

The other two staffers who did the adoption asked me a lot of questions about diet, proper handling and guinea pig behavior and I answered their questions the best I could. The result was them asking if I wanted a job. Of course I declined, largely because guinea pigs are not the only small animals they have and I know very little about rabbits, chinchillas or most other small ones. I could volunteer, and I still might if they get anymore guinea pigs.

The reason I adopted Sam and Dean is because they were on their second shelter stay. The Nevada Humane Society only keeps them for 60 days and then transfers them out to another branch. Sammy and Dean had been in shelter status for 81 days. I know that they have a no kill policy for dogs and cats but I don't know if that applies to guinea pigs. I didn't want to leave it to chance, so I took them in. Turned out to be good for them and me. They have a loving home and I got 2 of the cutest little piggies.

If I had the means, I would open up a rescue of my own for guinea pigs only. I'd take every one of the "free to a good home" piggies as well as the ones that come to the Humane Society and make sure they get the best home and are properly taken care of while they are at my shelter.


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It's a nice sentiment, but you would be overrun. The most pigs I had at one time was around 40 and I spent most of my day taking care of them. It was a lot of work. The other problem is that if people are dumping them, they probably didn't take very good care of them when they had them and they will come to you sick and need immediate vet care. You could do it if you had tons of money, lots of space and plenty of free time, Lol!

Realistically, however, You could offer to help that humane society anytime they have guinea pigs come in. Take in decent pellets and hay, along with a couple of Lynx's care booklets and offer to treat the pigs for mites or sex them for the staff. Also write down the address for the cage site so they can pass on that information to prospective adopters.


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Oh, and don't let the word get out that you are taking in guinea pigs free of charge. People will leave them on your doorstep.

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