Unexpected pregnancy in adopted pigs

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Post   » Thu Nov 23, 2023 3:23 am

Thanks, daisymay. I got the same, just wondering whether there are any first-hand experiences here or ideas about how emergent the issue is. I also see results related to ovarian cysts and all sorts.

I’ll continue to search around though!

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Post   » Thu Nov 23, 2023 3:30 am

‘Womb infection’ is the one that most concerns me. I’ll plan to call the vet tomorrow or the day after. If any of you have insights, they will be gratefully received!

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Post   » Thu Nov 23, 2023 3:27 pm

Follow-up and update

First, the Follow-up:
I looked into 'pyometra'/'womb infection'/'uterine infection.' In particular, I used: I feel much better about the situation at least with regards to whether it is an emergency. I checked everyone for
  • sperm rods (more on that in a moment...),
  • checked the anal sacks,
  • looked for discharge,
  • gave everyone's 'bits' a good sniff,
  • watched closely for any pain on urination or defecation,
  • double checked for any blood or sludge in the cage (though I already checked yesterday when I cleaned them out),
  • weighed everyone,
  • had a good thorough palpation for pain or abnormalities.
Nothing came up. I'm going to monitor and schedule with the local vet when everything opens back up.

Now, the update
Weight Updates (in grams)
Betty’s family: 14 Days since birth
Betty: Nov 20, 663 (-28 *error in last update for Nov 19*); Nov 21, 671 (+8); Nov 22, 673 (+2); Nov 23, 694 (+19):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 23: +12
Baby-Betty: Nov 20, 195 (+3); Nov 21, 214 (+19); Nov 22, 223 (+9); Nov 23, 238 (+15):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 23: +120
June’s Family: 9 Days since birth
June: Nov 20, 576 (-26); Nov 21, 573 (-3); Nov 22, 582 (+9); Nov 23, 619 (+37):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 23: +74
Baby June Brown Face: Nov 20, 180 (+9); Nov 21, 197 (+17); Nov 22, 208 (+11); Nov 23, 222 (+14):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 23: +115
Baby June Darker Face: Nov 20, 177 (+6); Nov 21, 191 (+14); Nov 22, 198 (+7); Nov 23, 210 (+12):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 23: +100
I'm not really satisfied with the weight gain in June and Betty, so (as of yesterday) I've started taking each mother out, one at a time, and putting them in a carry case with veg to allow them some dedicated, undisturbed eating time (keeping the sessions short to avoid stress in babies or mums). It appears to be helping.

Well, I took your advice and tried to see if I could get anything to 'pop out' on Baby Betty... The pictures speak for themselves:

Baby Betty Day - 14


Baby June Brown Face - Day 13

Baby June Darker Face - Day 13

I've also taken a video of the 'popping-out' process, in case it's useful (hopefully I tag it correctly...):

So, there you have it!

(Lynx - I've also made a google drive folder with all the sexing pictures in it, along with a slightly grainy video of June during the birthing process. I'll share the drive link with you shortly).

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Post   » Thu Nov 23, 2023 10:05 pm

Excellent pics and video showing you have a little male pup!

I suspect if you check each guinea pig individually (a little butt sniffing) you will find out who might be ill or who might just be sitting in pee too much. Cleaning everything thoroughly (try pee pads in the corners) should take care of the odor unless one of the guinea pigs has a urinary tract infection.

I would check the mothers especially because there are some pregnancy related illnesses that are dangerous (uterine infection).

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Post   » Thu Nov 30, 2023 8:23 am

How are things going? I am absolutely looking forward to more updates and a few more pictures!!

p.s. when I first read your most recent post, I somehow jumped over how thorough you were in checking out the moms for pregnancy related problems! I especially would like to hear if things have resolved and how the two moms are doing. You were put in such a difficult situation with TWO pregnant guinea pigs!

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Post   » Sat Dec 02, 2023 4:51 pm

Hello All! Apologies it's been a while, I've had a paper up for review for a journal (finally accepted!) and lots of grading (still ongoing).

Everyone is doing fantastically! Here are the final weight updates for days 15-21 (when I stopped the daily weighing)

Weight Updates (in grams)
Betty’s family:
Betty: Nov 24, 687 (-7); Nov 25, 661 (-26); Nov 26, 658 (-3); Nov 27, 679 (+21); Nov 28, 686 (+7); Nov 29, 672 (-14):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 29: -10
Baby-Betty (Luke): Nov 24, 244 (+6); Nov 25, 254 (+10); Nov 26, 268 (+14); Nov 27, 282 (+14); Nov 28, 285 (+3); Nov 29, 292 (+7):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 29: +174
June’s Family:
June: Nov 24, 615 (-4); Nov 25, 613 (-2); Nov 26, 566 (-47); Nov 27, 598 (+32); Nov 28, 597 (-1); Nov 29, 599 (+2):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 29: +53
Baby June Brown Face (Caroline): Nov 24, 232 (+10); Nov 25, 239 (+7); Nov 26, 255 (+16); Nov 27, 263 (+8); Nov 28, 277 (+14); Nov 29, 282 (+5):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 29: +175
Baby June Darker Face (Vita): Nov 24, 220 (+10); Nov 25, 225 (+5); Nov 26, 244 (+19); Nov 27, 248 (+4); Nov 28, 251 (+3); Nov 29, 253 (+2):
  • Total weight change Birth Date-Nov 29: +143
NB: The Nov 26 weights were taken directly after a feed, which explains the drop in both mums and gain in all pups.

On Nov 29, I decided to separate Betty's Baby boy (now known as Luke), as he was showing dominance behaviour and humping. I introduced him to one of my calmer male boys called Eric who is around 2-3 years I'm guessing (a rescue from upstate NY who came along on my roadtrip to move over to SoCal! He seemed to quite like camping....).

The results? My word, I have *never* had an introduction go so smoothly. Honestly. And I've done *many* of them. So, Luke and Eric are now cage mates (it helps that I did *all* the necessary introduction steps - I was taking no risks with them not getting along!). Pictures below.

This photo taken 10 mins into the introduction process (we are in the bathroom for neutrality):

Eric and Luke chilling in their shared home

June and her girls finally getting some peace with that noisy boy gone!

I haven't smelled the same odor since my last post. And no one is straining when peeing or pooping or any of that. I am a little concerned about the weights of both mums (especially Betty). My hope is that their weights will start to improve now that there is one less mouth to feed and the girls will start to eat on their own more. Any thoughts on this would be great!

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Post   » Sat Dec 02, 2023 5:11 pm

Some more pics:

The family tucking into a new treat
I splurged on that hay bale from oxbow expecting it to be one of those 'more for me than them' things, but they loved it - gone in less than a day! I highly recommend them.

Betty enjoying some dedicated feed and rest time

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Post   » Sat Dec 02, 2023 5:34 pm

Like I suggested before feed mum's Critical Care just 3 or more syringes say every 4 hours. Make it warm and you can even blend favourite foods and add juice to the mix.

So glad Luke has found a friend in Eric. And happy all 4 girls are getting on well together. Thanks for the update. For just a little while you could feed the mums(babies need it till 12 months old) lucerne hay just till they pick up a bit in weight.

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Post   » Sun Dec 03, 2023 8:28 am

Luke is stinking cute. I love that introductions went so well!

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