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Post   » Thu Dec 01, 2022 8:56 am

My fosters got adopted! The young man that came was really nice. The shelter pretty much let me do the deciding as to whether it would be a good fit, but within minutes, I knew he would be. He gave me his info, and texted me with an update. I will check in with him today to make sure all is still going well.

Supposed to be getting another foster pig. I am so disgusted. The shelters are getting inundated with 2 and 3 years old pigs. All adopted during the pandemic, now are just work and the jerks don't want them any more. I actually predicted this way back with all the animals that were flying out of rescues and shelters. Ugh. Anyway, they asked me to foster a pig or they may be getting a chinchilla that will need fostering. I told them I would take a pig, if I take the chin, there is a VERY good chance I will be a foster failure with it and I promised my husband that I would not take on any new permanent pets unless we lose one of what we have. I did say if they are stuck and can't get someone to do it, I would, but that I would be happy to train anyone on their care. Hope that works out. If they give me the pig first (chin is not in custody yet), then it is all a moot point because I won't have space for it. So will see how this plays out.

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Post   » Thu Dec 01, 2022 12:41 pm

Foster failure! What a moniker to wear with pride! - - - Except you likely don't need more animals.

So glad you had success adopting your fosters. Good to know you will likely be getting updates. I also think it useful to have a contact who can advise regarding health issues (he could ask you health questions). At least you would know when something requires a vet visit.


Post   » Thu Dec 08, 2022 4:50 pm

Lol Lynx, if you ask my husband he will say I definitely DO NOT need more pets!

Yes, I feel good that I can keep in contact with the adopter. I have told him any time he has any questions, please let me know. I try to keep in contact with the people that adopt my foster rats too. Some keep in touch for the rats life, some just a bit after they adopt, but all are told to let me know if they have any issues or questions.

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