Unsure of what happened to my pig


Post   » Wed Jun 15, 2022 2:23 pm

Thank you both very much!!!

And i found this..hope it can help anyone else, too..:https://www.youtube.com/shorts/J2i2kg-wGAc


Post   » Fri Jun 17, 2022 2:52 am

we ve only got 1,5ml ... which is not enough to bring it on dog clinic...

Daisymay, how did you collected sample, if you can please write? How much did you need?

On urine sticks at home results are clear. He is drinking more than usual, but its extreme heat this days.

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Post   » Fri Jun 17, 2022 3:34 am

At vet the vet squeezed bladder whilst I held onto specimen jar. You could try at home. But I preferred vet to do it. They had enough for dip stick and to spin it. You could try giving him some water and holding him and waiting. Little dickens has to go at some point. The old saying a watch pot never boils.


Post   » Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:24 pm

Thanks for infromations and quick response... haha:) He did!
I cleaned the floor and than i let irie run around after i came home from work...And i put urine in the syringe and Irie quickly urinated twice and we got 2mls quickly..we felt cool..like we are dogs, arent we, haha:).

So, i brought it to nearest dog clinic..they are soo kind..if exotic vets would be so kind..ah..of course they arent..however urine analysis on stick-perfect, showed nothing wrong.. urine sediment under microscope..crystals and quite a bit baccteria still...no blood was found!

Exotic vet we firstly went to said he s got a lott of baccteria.. but this dog vet was so kind she even told me she sees some type of coccus ..if you ask something on exotic clinic all is wrong..but i dont care.. anymore, at least.

We have about 7 days of MArbocyl left, in thursday I am visiting Ringos vet to ask for another urine analysis then we will see if we need to switch to bactrim-i hope not, caue its heavy on Iries belly.

I am also thinking where to do ultrasound. At clinic my pigs went to(usually) you cant be present during ultrasound and i am fed up with that, i always was to be honest, but they were exotics experienced and i tought okay than..but two experienced vets arent available anymore..just 3 young vets..who give you impression they can do with your animal whatever they like.
I would like to find somewhere where i can be present during examination. Hope we will.

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Post   » Fri Jun 17, 2022 7:18 pm

I hope you can find a vet you are comfortable with and who will let you be present too. Having an owner to comfort a pet can be helpful.


Post   » Tue Jun 28, 2022 6:11 am

We got urine checked out again..we tried yesterday, but failed miserably. So, we did again today..
Our legendary dog vet was working! i havent seen him in 3 years..he didnt change much:). I didnt tough, too..always bit of nervous about vet stuff, trying to get all 101 issues under control and act calm you know if you cant be you can pretend you are hahah..
HE said to meonce there is no need to be scared cause all problems are somewhat solvable..and he kind of puts that philosophy in action not just in words..

However he said there is aboslutely no blood, only little crystals and little bit of baccteria(not a lot as previous stated), we ve got three dosages of marbocyl left. HE said he wouldnt give Irie another AB on results he saw. Of course i am bit of worried cause there wasnt 0 baccteria.:):S
He also said he most likely wouldnt put Irie through ultrasound(on exotic clinic) due to his age and fact we have always looked up to-what are you gonna do than. And if i said if he would do ultrasound i saw he would, but as i say its okay, we willgo on exotic, cause he is not doing ultrasound on guinnea pigs, its no need he is learning all again just cause of us ..

I think if we would want even more accurate results we would need exotic analysis...so if we do more vet visits it would be on some exotic clinic for one visit urine analysis+ultrasound..but i have to yet decided if that is really needed. I wanted to start bactrim but if there is no need too...cause irie really suffers on the stomach than..he needs bactrim+reglan.

and than to surgeon..altough as much as his front tooth doesnt look okay(and it doesnt) he is eating all the time by himself-so of course it made you think if you would want mess with something, when he function on his own. I ll be honest with Ringo, Bob and the rest of the gang we usually didnt, if i didnt saw somebody really cant live with whatever trouble they had.
Visit to surgeon planned in july(not on sunny day cause its long drive). We will tell you what she said when we visit.

So i am in a bit of indecision..but the results are fairly good today..if anybody wants to express oppinion what you would do on our place, even with ab, advices are verywelcome.. When we got more results or oppinions on our issues we will report..meanwhile all i care is Irie is enjoying his life..and ziggy of course

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Post   » Tue Jun 28, 2022 6:30 am

I would watch Irie, if eating and weighed regularly and bright and happy in himself I would leave things as they are. You have urine dip sticks which you can always test urine when you are concerned. You have antibiotics and Probiotic if needed to be used. Like I said for now would just watch, love and enjoy Irie! Wishing you both love, joy and happiness! If eating with teeth like they are why do anything? Just watch carefully!

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Post   » Tue Jun 28, 2022 8:23 am

However he said there is aboslutely no blood, only little crystals and little bit of baccteria(not a lot as previous stated), we ve got three dosages of marbocyl left. HE said he wouldnt give Irie another AB on results he saw. Of course i am bit of worried cause there wasnt 0 baccteria.:):S
Depending on the method of collecting the urine, bacteria can be present. The only way to tell precisely if there is any bacteria in the urine is a sterile sample taken directly from the bladder (cystocentesis, I think it's called). When it is tested after being peed out, there is always the possibility of picking up bacteria along the way.

The presence of infection in urine, you can sometimes smell. So after antibiotics are gone, watch for this (can also be due to exterior bacteria grown in wet hair combined with incontinence). It sounds like you've had issues with a sulfa drug like trimethoprim sulfamethoxizole (Bactrim). As you certainly know, it's often what we recommend. I do not know if this drug is one that can be "pulsed" (a higher dose once a week to kick out bacteria) but if you get a reinfection, maybe? I have heard of using Baytril (enrofloxacin) that way.


Post   » Tue Jun 28, 2022 8:55 am

Thanks both so much for an oppinions!!!

Daisymay, i agree..we will do as you wrote:)..

Ourcollection of the samples its of course not the best(floor catch) with sterille syringe and clean floor.

And Lynx, yeah, urine smelt awful when he got infection so i will watch for that. I also followed your advice on other topic and i cut his hair..we also have to cut some more on the belly(he s very long haired).

Irie had severe issues with ABs and Galli, my little previous pig the were absolutely extreme(highly sensitive)-the other two pigs never had thoose problems. We will try bactrim and reglan (he got bloated and doesnt poop, but with reglan is somehow managable, he only took it once when he was 3, now he is nearly 7), if we get reinfection...but i hope not.


Post   » Sat Jul 02, 2022 8:07 am

Well, it didnt go as planned.

First day off antibiotic i notice slightly too brown colour(altough not like real bloody red as before) and strong smell.

I went for dog clinic, immidiatly-alone of course. On stickall was okay..but of course sediment showed erytrocites(little bit) and little bit of baccteria.

It seemed ab worked..cause bacteria level is so low, now. So we put Irie on another 14 days of Marbocyl(the only AB he tolerates well).
I called for ultrasound somewhere near they said exoitc vet will be present on moneday morning, otherwise i can be present with Irie, of course and he wont have to wait alone..so..i ll be very greateful to the vet if we can figure something out. I ll see soon. I try to be as kind and calm as i can and Irie doesnt really care..i am visiting and calling vets, getting medication, carrying his urine around and he just is happy at home.. :).

Otherwise on clinic where Marbocyl was prescribed think bleeding is mostl likely from bladder wall.

And btw..does littleswines have prostate it can be prostate related? Anyboday knows...i am sorry i am so not educated.

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Post   » Sat Jul 02, 2022 12:00 pm

Seem all male mammals have prostates but as humans eat meat guinea pigs prostates are less likely to be affected.https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=do+guinea+pigs+have+prostates Human males have seminal vesicles meaning more likely to get prostate cancer.

The only silly question is the one never asked! Good luck for Monday at the ultra sound! Paws crossed here!


Post   » Sat Jul 02, 2022 4:01 pm

Thanks so much for explanation and all!:)


Post   » Mon Jul 04, 2022 5:23 am

We didnt get ultrasound today...cause the young vet started complicate things(i am writing for all others readin this also with similar problems.)

She suggested another rtg and taking blood from leg on nearly 7 y.o. guinea pig(I mean what?!). She also suggested to call one of our previous vet who never didnt really care aboutanimals(we said *the evil*jokingly on previous pages), but even he is not available and even if he was experiences are not enough with mindset like this, but we absolutely have no interest in whatever he is up to..whatever he wants. We dont care, we aint interested.
Soin Slovenia we are really bad with all 5 exotic vets we have..really bad. I can reccomend only one on the other side of the country. She s experienced down to the earth, kind and can see situation bit on bigger picture you know.
Cause thoose young vets only sees ones problems as another case...so..yeah its hopless, pretty much. Its how open minded you are not just the fact that somebody is vet. It can be in any profession.

I am thinking of asking some other vet(we dont have much options left) and if he wont be up to only ultrasound, we will ask our dog vet. He fit all our criteria and more..only what is wrong he aint no vet for pigs..but i am sure he will prepare himself good..cause he is real deal and does not just say something for saying it, he is confident enough the kindest ever and doesnt need nobodys approval.

I will update if we get some results. I also think even with ultrasound our situation wouldnt be that much different.

But yeah, Daisymay i think we share that same thing and frustrations with exotic vets..sadly. Its heavyy. But even if Irie is my last pig i would gladly come here read about other pigs adventures and watch videos on youtube!pigs are the greatest!

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Post   » Mon Jul 04, 2022 6:10 am

Could the dog vet do Ultrasound and then send Irie's film and notes to exotic vet other side of country? When Zoe was ill I am in Australia and my vet consulted with vet in UK.

Do NOT get blood test as it takes a knowable vet to do one. Our poor Zoe had need into er throat area whilst still awake-pain she must have felt. Then Jasmine vets tried to get blood from leg, Jasmine went in hind legs and we came so close to losing her! To me taking blood is a last resort! Good luck.

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Post   » Mon Jul 04, 2022 7:40 am

Yes, you would need another vet to look at the ultrasound. Pinta used to bring along a spare guinea pig so the person doing the ultrasound could see what a normal one looked like compared to the ill guinea pig being examined.

When topics get long, it is helpful to occasionally have a summary of the problem, what is being done (and has been done), and what you are looking for. If you could add a mini-summary, it would help people who are just jumping in here to see where you're at (and would help forgetful people like me!).

A good vet has a sound background and interacts meaningfully with the client and pet. I wish your dog vet was also an exotics vet!

p.s. Pinta also used to help vets become better exotics vets.


Post   » Tue Jul 05, 2022 2:22 pm

Pinta s idea is sure very legendary,..!!
And maybe i could in the future educate our dog vet like that and i am sure he would be up for it too..but i am not sure if i will have another one so we will see.

In short we went to see another exotic vet nearby for an ultrasound today..he said iries bladder is completely empty, so it would be useless, we can try another time.. He checked Irie but he said he doesnt feel no mass nowhere...he also thinks its just an infection, also on clinic we get marbocyl they kind of said that too..so no real news. I was bit disappointed.
We will probably call him if we would need ultrasound, but i think also, i willkeep on checking urine on dogclinic and i think we will see whats up to it in long term anyway. I wont go on vaccation so i am at home all the time
We ve got three ultrasound options now: Dog/cat vet, old clinic my pigs went to(you cant be with pigs, sadly) and this new exotic vet-and we wont be calling around anymore. I have enough of it:). We will chose one of thoose three..
We will also report the news on analysis on dog clinic if you want. And thanks both for kind words.


Post   » Tue Jul 05, 2022 2:33 pm

*i am at home when i am not working i meant. After job i go home to Irie and Ziggy.

Also for you all:
SUMMARY OF IRIE S URINARY TROUBLES.(HE hasnt got any history with urinary problems so first time)
10.6 i noticed strong smelling and bloody(fresh red blood a lot of it urine) we went to vet where they did x-rays(all was good), urine analysis(in sediment there were a lottt of bacteria, they say really a lot, blood and cryistals). They prescribed Marbocyl for 3 weeks. Also they said sticks are not as accurate with pigs!
17.6., 28.6, 1.7 i collected Irie s urine with so called floor catch and collected it with sterile syringe in sterile cup.

Irie is still on antibiotic. The reason i checked it i wondered if we have got correct AB, but it worked bacteria level was less and less but not 0.
What bothered me on check 1.7. there were eritrocites again-little bit only(day before i saw wierd smelly urine again, but more brownish). Crystals were not seen anymore. Exotic vet suggested we dont stop antibiotic but keep on giving him another 14 days. Which we did.

We will keep on looking if urine looks okay. Irie is happy and lively, weight is stable. We have been so unlucky with ultrasound,but as i write above we ve got three chances and we will use it if things will go wrong again.

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Post   » Tue Jul 05, 2022 9:36 pm

For now things are looking positive! Hope they continue! Wishing healing vibes from me and the girls.

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Post   » Tue Jul 05, 2022 11:28 pm

Thanks for adding the summary. I hope Irie continues to be happy and lively!


Post   » Wed Jul 06, 2022 1:12 am

Thank you for good wishes !!!:) Will update.

And actually the extoic vet we went to yesterday was really kind to us all..:).

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