Rehoming 2 males - Carbondale, IL

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Post   » Sun Apr 26, 2020 1:35 am

Hi. I have 2 male guinea pigs that I'm trying to rehome together. These boys were given to me by someone whose child got tired of them. I believe they may be between 3-4 years old, and their names are Rogue (black and white) and Kabo (tan and white). I was hoping to keep them, but my husband's allergies to both them and the hay has made it very difficult for him. We've tried different allergy medicines and air purifiers. This has not been an easy decision.
We bought them a 2x4 C&C cage, which will go with them. They are eating Food from the Wild. Food, hay, treats, and the towels and fleece for bedding will also go with them. We are willing to drive a couple hours to meet you. I just want them to go to a good home.
Asking a $50 rehoming fee.

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Post   » Sun Apr 26, 2020 8:37 am

Hoping you can find a good home for them!

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Post   » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:09 pm

I'm in Metro StL and I called the APA (Animal Protection Agency). They're closed of course. You can leave a message but none of the rescues want to take on animals now given the situation. I don't know if they'd make any exceptions. They're a no-kill facility.

I'm not sure how long a drive it is. We've got our hands full (my daughter) with 3 pigs, 2 of them having ongoing stone & weight loss problems. Daughter's spending a lot of time supplementing with critical care & giving meds.

I hope you can find a good home for them. They're cute boys!

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Post   » Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:08 pm

Is Critter Corral still around?


Post   » Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:13 pm

Thank you for the well wishes and resources. My husband and I just moved to the area so I wasn't sure what our options were with rescues. But I was hoping to find someone without having to reach out to rescues since a lot of them are not wanting to take in animals right now with everything going on. If I can't find someone within a couple weeks, then I will reach out to them. I have family in Kentucky also asking for me so hopefully the boys will get a good home soon.

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Post   » Mon Apr 27, 2020 11:34 am

I thought about Humane Society in St.L. They seem to do a big business in g.p.'s, i.e. the pigs get adopted out fast & there are never a bunch waiting - for the last few years at least. But with the current situation, who knows what would happen. They have no pigs right now & I'm sure they're discouraging surrenders. They are doing curbside adoptions, but you'd hate to put a pig in that location and then pts.

I forgot about Critter Coral, Sef. Here is their site:

They're in a Chicago western suburb. That's about4-5 hours from St.L. and looks like it would be a bit farther from Carbondale.

Hope it all works out well, Gibby16.


Post   » Mon May 04, 2020 6:43 pm

I reached out to Critter Corral yesterday. Unfortunately they require a $75 donation per guinea pig. With hour cuts at work due to Covid-19 we can't afford that on top of a 5 hour drive.

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Post   » Tue May 05, 2020 10:43 am

Lynx - I tried to send you a pm & not sure if it worked.

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Post   » Tue May 05, 2020 5:49 pm

Hi Gibby18 -
It might be worth calling the Animal Protective Association to see if they'll take the pigs in for adoption. (314) 645-4610 They're in Brentwood, MO about a half hour west of the river (st. Louis). It looks like it's about 2 hrs. from Carbondale to Brentwood. Humane Society is about 10 min. east of Brentwood.

Or contact the Humane Society (in St. Louis):

Neither is picking up their phones so you'll have to leave a message or email.

I'd call the APA first as they're no kill. But if the pigs are healthy, I see no reason why the Humane Society wouldn't adopt them out. I think there's demand right now. We've adopted about 8 pigs from them over the years.

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